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Learn It Online

Learn it online


An Online learning center for all.

Learn It Online is a free online learning center that provides free service to both university professors and students. All instructors are encouraged to put their courses and start using this service. A code is to be decided by the instructor to restrict access to his course. However; We encourage OPEN COURSES.

  • Teachers willing to have their own courses on this site need to send us an email with their full names, institutions and contact details.
  • Students willing to access courses need to get access code from course instructors.
learn it online

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    We appreciate if you can send us your comments and suggestions regarding current courses .

    Please send directly to course instructor.

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بسم الله نبدأ
by Learn it On line - Friday, 7 December 2007, 10:19 AM

بسم الله وعلى بركة الله نبدأ

وعليه نتوكل

وله نحمد ونشكر

وعلى نبيه نصلي ونسلم

ونعلن انطلاق هذا المركز التعليمي

Welcome to Learn IT Online

Course categories

Course categories

Learn It Online

An Online learning center for all.

Teachers willing to have their own courses on this site need to send us an emailwith their full names, institutions and contact details.

Now you can approach current semester version using:




in addition to the official link


and the old link


For previous semesters contents:


åá íÓÊæí ÇáÐíä íÚáãæä æÇáÐíä áÇíÚáãæä

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